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Fast and efficient way of creating professional video content

Thanks to our patented machine, the viabot® allows anyone to produce professionally rendered 360° videos. The videos are automatically edited according to a process designed to generate quality content, identical to videos created and processed by humans.

  • Video-content

    Quality culinary content often requires organization, time-consuming technical means, creativity...

    Catering, food and many crafts professionals face a real difficulty in creating quality content independently and regularly. The lifespan of menus and culinary creations is very short, because the proposals change often. Professionals must continually find the simplest and least expensive way to create transparent but qualitative videos, which they can distribute via several communication channels, ranging from their brand's home screen to the social network, without forget the digital menus that are becoming more and more popular...

    Creating content can prove to be of unparalleled usefulness: Each event is the perfect occasion and any creation can bring a subject to life. Setting up a video studio is not the only constraint. It remains to control the subject, the lighting, the decoration... Thanks to the system created by Vimersio, professionals will have access to all of this in an intuitive and centralized way. A single tool for three functions: Shooting, Editing and Sharing. Thanks to our mini-tutorials for use, you will intuitively know how to enhance a potted Tiramisù or a pan-fried vegetable... just follow the steps and you will be able to create your content on your own, without external intervention, in a matter of minutes, without spending huge sums.

  • Room-service

    Thanks to the videomenu®, hotel customers will be able to see in real life and at 360°, the dishes offered by the restaurant of their place of residence, in a realistic and rewarding way, while allowing them to order directly without leaving their room-hotel and without taking out their credit card, since each order is automatically recorded on the bill.

    Customers can also order days in advance and thus participate in the reduction of waste and losses linked to unconsumed products... The intelligent statistics provided by our system are a valuable aid in the organization of purchases and menus while respecting seasonality, analyzing at the same time the customer's needs. The videomenus® are of a realism and a visual quality, which leaves no doubt about the quality and the value of the restaurant. Thanks to our 100% French innovation, your establishment will now, benefit from its own intuitive and simplified online ordering and delivery system, entirely dedicated to the restaurants of your establishment, in complete security and transparency.

  • Videomenu concept

    How to get the maximum of benefits from Tablets and digital menus, if not, by using videomenus?

    That could sound complicated due to the costs and the complicated implementation of such a concept...

    Thanks to our Technology using AI, Vimersio® allows restaurant and hotel professionals as well as content creators to produce professional 360° videos automatically and without any technical expertise.

    An easy-to-use, smart and accessible solution that revolutionizes menu transparency.

    Quality culinary content requires equipment, organization and time-consuming technical solutions... This is the reason why catering professionals face a real difficulty when it comes to visually showcasing their know-how.

    Today, customers are more and more sensitive to their food and to know what they will really have on their plate. For their part, chefs need help to implement a system of transparency that is not limited to a long list of allergens on newsprint. Between the needs of customers and the constraints of professionals, it is for us to create "something" that highlights the human work of the chef, beyond his listed ingredients. These are of course notified and in an intuitive way, but we want to add the human dimension to it: See your dish come to life before ordering it and be able to grasp the aspect very close to reality, with this little extra, that only a pleasant 360° videographic close-up allows you to have, while getting to know the ingredients in a minimally invasive and playful way.

  • Cultural Transmission

    The Videobot® makes it possible to create educational and informative images that can be used as educational supports in the context of school activities related -for example- to the discovery of certain professions and awareness of the food transition.

    Vimersio is committed to traceable and transparent food, but above all, to promoting heritage and human know-how. We believe that technology can simplify this process by facilitating access to scalable and inclusive information.

    Craftsmanship is a heritage to be preserved and enhanced, in order to guarantee the perseverance of know-how and the sharing of knowledge and processes. Things that are part of the history of our professional practices.

    The Videobot® allows both the creation of professional videos for chefs, ceramists and potters, pastry chefs, etc... And their customers, as well as the creation of content retracing old or disappeared recipes, rare trades related to watchmaking for example, or others requiring great precision in gesture... Accessible and automated 360° video simplifies and streamlines the action of creation and encourages the production of continuous videographic documentation .

Slow Manufacture

We have placed at the center of our research, additive printing, from 100% recycled material, to guarantee the durability of our machines (repairability and recyclability) and limit our impact by reducing to a strict minimum, post-production treatments. Our scope is to use local resources and 3D technology, minimizing as much as possible the waste generated by large-scale manufacture.

Responsible Design

Slow and minimalist manufacturing has been our core value since the beginning of the design-thinking phase around the viabot®. The minimalist design eliminates the superfluous, while the viabot® as a whole replaces a multitude of imported electrical and plastic accessories, poorly durable and recoverable, which would have been necessary during each videographic session.

Smart Business-model

A smart Business-model that matches several user-categories and above all, promotes the recyclability of our equipment and allows us to manage the complete life cycle of Viabots®. Users are fully supported throughout the duration of their contract to make the best use of the material. Moreover, Our fixed prices include both the recycling and the repair of the machines.

All-in-one concept

Creating videos and video-content is invaluable nowadays. But, setting up a video studio is not that easy: from lighting and editing tools to expensive hard to use accessories and gadgets... Thanks to our system, professionals will have the most complete and minimalist video tool ever, in an intuitive and centralized way. An all in one studio with three functions: Shooting, Editing and Sharing.

Background's shape

The background is designed to optimize the light output of the studio, consuming as little energy as possible, without purchasing additional accessories.

Arm's design

The arm's shape was thoughtfully designed in order to adapt its position to the corresponding plate, giving it the optimal viewpoint. Its innovative design provides stability to the camera while filming.

Camera and CPU

Large 6.6" FHD+ Punch-Hole display: High refresh rate up to 120 Hz, Brightness boost at sunlight (550 nits) and Corning® Gorilla® Glass protection

High-performance 2.4 GHz Octa-Core processor MediaTek Dimensity 900 5G, 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory

Resolution: 50 MP PDAF wide angel main camera with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) + 2 MP FF macro | Aperture: F1.88 / F2.4 | Pixel size: 1.008 µm |
Resolution: UHD 4K 2160p (3840 x 2160 pixel)